Award-Winning Pop Culture Magazine Seeks Contributing Writers & Artists

Gadfly Online always seeks writers, artists, and photographers to help us provide readers with top-quality, thought-provoking content on culture that matters. We are seeking contributors who have a unique, critical perspective on issues relevant to pop culture—past, present and future. Artists of the literary persuasion are also encourage to submit their fiction, poetry and works of memoir.

Currently, we desire expositions of any sort on the following subjects: Frank Ocean; Francis BaconAesop RockOn the Road (the film, though it will probably necessitate a discussion of the book); Windsor McCay and Rick Strassman. We welcome submissions on other subjects as well.

Gadfly is known for its insightful, independent and free-thinking spirit. Former contributing writers have included Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, American novelist Tom Bradley, American songwriter Al Kooper, rock critic David Dalton, and more.

We hope to hear from you soon!

John W. Whitehead
Editor-In-Chief, Gadfly
(434) 978-3888

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