Abandoning a Warlord for Dummies

Warlord_585x585 (1)

One of the car bombs peeled the lawn, then the smog cleared up
Anton stood palmin’ a beer mug, molotov in his pocket, balaclava & earmuffs
His parents feared him for obvious reasons: contras, arson, accomplished theft
was even dubbed a son of a gun…he used on his father when he shot him dead
Aimed white phosphorous at convents & consulates, dishonored catholocists
A martyr in his solemnness with the mark of the apocalypse
Now he’s out to make sure the carcasses of Sodom writhe
Used to be a postmodern kid, but now he’s not so nice
Sold the type of weapons Tom Clancy wouldn’t dare use to implement a plot device
And his mom was like…
“I grow tired of M1-Carbines blastin’ through the Springfields,
enough bullets for a thorough portfolio of evil – it’s been real
How many innocents have been killed, sniped, splattered onto your windshield?
I thought I taught you how to be more sentimental at least
When you pump the lead, adrenaline peaks…too much berettas & heat
I should’ve known when I breastfed you… you seemed ready to EAT
First you chased skirts and bombshells, then the metal levels increased
Kalashnikov knishes with a side of hollow tip babaganoush
is what I used to cook for you…
Now you’re on the world’s most wanted list of arms dealers –
Everybody’s tryna look for you…
I remember you collected comics, now it’s the damn Gatling catalog?!
I remember when you were just a school boy with your little hat & satchel on
now you roll with Rudeboy’s who carry AK47’s with the magnums on
The days of the car-seat ceased – you became impartial to RPG’s
Pistols barked at your Barkley tee,
but you had enough Houston Rockets to spawn debris at no costly fee
I’m all for peace, and a mother’s love knows no bounds
but my heart froze when I saw your snubnose go BLAOOOOW
You wore a full metal jacket for Halloween, I wasn’t conscious of who to blame
So I thought with a bazooka’s range…
Your friend’s costume foreshadowed the monster that you became
I packed your lunchbox with Dole, rice chips and grain
as you slowly indulged in rifles & flames, your whole life was a plague!
Components likely obtained by stolen nitrous; hormones exploded like a grenade
My son, I truly wish your conception was less horrid…”
“–Listen, mother. I brought infamy to our family, got you the best mortgage
until you decided to betray your son & hand God my arrest warrant
This is what I do for a living. I collect mortar at the Czech border,
I’ve got enough pages in my Book of Sins to pen the next Torah
Too many men in my set gettin’ wet boarded…am I the next target?
Why are you so depressed when I digress that I’m lawless?
I’d sell your fucking TEARS if I could fetch something for it…”

Then I must abandon you, my child…
Don’t leave me, ma, I’m warning you
For too long have you played ransom with lives,
Now you’ll exist, motherless, in fortitude…

Don’t leave me, ma, I’m warning you
Understand why — don’t go!
I rigged the lawn with land mines

and I never saw her again.

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