Professional Hands

Her skin was a shade of walnut. She had dark hair that was tied up loosely behind her ears by a single purple ribbon. I sat on the wooden edge of a pool table in the middle of the bar. The seat put me at eye level with her. I think her name was Michelle.

“This is the first time that I’ve seen you come in here alone,” she said.

“Alone? I brought the rest of them,” I said, motioning to the rest of the group. They had begun to disperse around the bar, with their drinks or ladies in hand.

Oh. The girlfriend, I thought to myself.


An Odd Look for Kiss Land

If you are familiar with The Weeknd’s music you are aware of the “feel” most of his songs portray; spacious R&B riffs surrounded by mysterious and at times distant vocals work in tandem with narratives of Tesfaye’s character, The Weeknd. Kiss Land takes a similar albeit more shadowy approach. The openings to most tracks are airy, dark and majestic. Tesfaye spends a lot of time harmonizing when he could be using vocals to drive each piece. “Professional” leads off the album by setting a grand stage for Tesfaye to deliver. However, we get more “airy and wider” with each following track to no overwhelming climax.