Gone without a Trace



Can you see me?
Do you know who I am?
I am the ghost
walking along these streets.
My face is on the wall.

I am one of the disappeared.
I am lost in the crowd.
I’m nowhere near the light.
I’m gone.

But I’m alive!
I’m here
for all the world to see,
but won’t you see me?
Won’t you know me?
Know I’m alive.

So many times
that I wanted to disappear
until the day that I finally did,
and so many days
did I feel lost inside,
gone away from this world.

And all I ever wanted
was to return to you.
And all I ever wanted
was to come back.
I wanted to return,
but I was gone,
gone away. 


I never wanted to disappear.
I just wanted to leave for awhile.
I wanted to come home,
come back to you.
I never wanted to disappear.
He took me far away,
far away from you.
Will you look for me?
Find me on the wall.
Will you remember me?
Remember that I once stood beside you.
Will you know
that I am alive?

Chorus: (repeat twice)



Melissa R. Mendelson is a published author and poet with publications both online and in print.  She is also a New York State Employee.  She has three books out on Amazon and Amazon Kindle that range from Supernatural to Horror to Science-Fiction.

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