Yet I Climb


Montel Cunningham is a true Harlem knight raised in the 1970s. He’s aspiring to become a musician but his past is troubled with nothing but violence, hate, pain, fear and low self-esteem. He also has a strong dislike for the man that taught him his talents, his father. His love for his mother is strong but he knows that she is still adjusting from her break down. Just when he feels like nothing else is working, he turns to his grandmother for help and guidance, but he doesn’t listen. He is trying to control his bottled up anger. One day a bad choice puts him in prison with all hope being lost. He was given 25 years in anticipation to change his thinking. Montel sees no hope in ever seeing his grandma, mother, wife and daughter again!


Artistically Expressed, Black Renaissance, and more from Al Brown

OnTheDouble Dutch at Golden Gardens

Strung together ever so gracefully and harmoniously entangled were the clothing laid out before me. What a creative sight. I thought to myself what a wonderful array of garments which seem to span some five countries around the globe.

For these sets of garments are the covering to souls it protects; souls awaiting the time to erect. Though these souls individually speak different languages, they seem to all have agreed to speak the one most common to them…music.


The Latest Teacher’s Union


Today’s society doesn’t truly know the great struggles that teachers had to go through to obtain a union. It would be fair to say that teachers are one of the most underappreciated groups of professionals in our country. However the country places great responsibility on them, like teaching our children and in some cases raising our children. We don’t seem to realize that teachers are people too! These servants of the public have a right to earn a living, to be respected as human beings and not just as fourth class servants. We seem not to understand this concept at times.


Eye Want!, Care Again!!!, Wisdom Cooks, and 24-6

eye want

Do you know it’s in my nature to want, want people, places and things, not being fully satisfied but just always in want? Why am “eye” like this? Wanting just to be wanting, never ever really needing, just wanting?

“Eye” want my woman to love me, spoil me, cook for me, pamper me just want her to do something for me! Look at me, being as selfish as “eye” can be. When will my desire to want set me free? Is it that “eye” am just like other wanters in search of wanting and never really needing?