Two Poems by Conley Lowrance

How are you so confident in your perspective? Is not your reality as subjective as mine? I find these questions arising in my mind after a brush with Conley Lowrance’s lush artifice. His surreality is different from the other created realities you will and have encountered in this space, but are you not moved the the same? Or more? If not, why? There are “turquoise hues” in frozen fields—look again.

Allow these poems to challenge the trickle of sensory experience that makes up your perspective. Choose to see “a whiteness unlike any diadem of snow” in the clothes of your lover, and, at the very least, enjoy.

Fuck Authenticity: The Sordid Life And Subtle Gestures of the Sex Pistols

At the age of fourteen, to the chagrin of my parents, I dyed my already bleach-blonde hair bright green. I did so not out of some misguided notion that the color was flattering for my skin tone (it wasn’t), but because after reading John Lydon’s autobiography Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, and learning that green was the first color he had dyed his hair, I felt it was the only way forward with my life. Like so many newly-minted teenagers, I latched onto the Sex Pistols as soon as I heard the opening chords to “Holidays in the Sun.” I found myself enamored by the Pistols’ sneering postures, their declarations of absolute laziness, and with Rotten’s snotty, ragged voice. Believing I had found my calling, I formed a band with my best friend and did everything I could to sound more English.

INSIDE THE JEWELRY BOX: Kristina Marie Darling’s “Melancholia (An Essay)”

            “To wake from a dream—to begin a series of portraits instead” ~ Kristina Marie Darling The world of Kristina Marie Darling has always been nocturnal and seemingly endless: a landscape filled with strange, barely discernible trinkets collecting dust in the shadows. At the time I’m writing this, Darling has published five books of poetry, has three forthcoming (Palimpsest, Correspondence, and Petrarchan), and has edited …continue…

The Biters are The Best Rock Band in America

The Biters are a four-piece band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. They unabashedly play a trashed-out, almost anachronistic combination of power-pop and punk rock, weaving together wonderfully incessant melodies with fuzzy twin guitars. I’ve been seeing their singer, Tuk, play shows since I was an embarrassing 15 year old kid, and he was the guitarist in a once up-and-coming band known as the Heart Attacks. And now, after driving through hours …continue…

Interview: Kristina Marie Darling Shares her Thoughts On Poetry, Surrealism and Film

Few poets venture as beautifully in the stillness of nocturnal spaces as Kristina Marie Darling. Darling’s first full-length book Night Songs, put out by Gold Wake Press, entrances the reader with scene after scene of crumbling architecture, lonely musicians, and half-finished films. Dreamscapes cycle through Night Songs so naturally that, by the time Darling has begun erasing her own poems, the reader has given him or herself over to the …continue…