Choking on a Dream


I just like imagining somebody choking to the tune of Jock Jams. Is there something wrong with that? If so, then this is a world in which I no longer want to exist in. If writing a story about this makes me insane, than I will choke you to death when I see you at the Insanity Olympics. Little Billy, as his parents lovingly called him, although he was rapidly approaching the age of 18, was in his room listening to music on his headphones. He listened with headphones for 2 important purposes: 1. His parents would nag him if the volume was too loud, and low volume music is not cool. 2. He was embarrassed by his favorite songs, which mostly consisted of Jock Jams. This fine evening he was munching on a bag of potato chips while listening to GET READY FOR THIS. One particular chip was a bit larger than average and it ended up getting lodged into the poor boy ‘s throat. He began choking. He tried screaming for help but could no longer talk. His heart immediately began racing at an accelerated pace at this jarring observation, knowing that this was an indication of an authentic choking.

Fiction: Carly Couture’s Fun Life

Bread Chapter Carly Couture was born to the Jim and Margie Couture in 1961 in Russelsburg, Tennessee. They were not rich parents, but they were parents, and well respected in the village for their bus driving abilities and child wrangling skills. They didn’t have a large house but it was as loving as the people it protected. Carly’s father would come home puffed up with pride with a loaf of …continue…

My Chocolate Wife

Everyone laughed at me for becoming debilatingly obsessed with organizing my chocolate recipes. Until they saw the beauty that I created with it. The mass of lard that I am legally obliged to call my wife was bullying me as usual, trying to manipulate me into giving the thing she birthed some attention again. I did not have time for this. I had more important things on my mind. I …continue…