Into His Head by Nat Whilk

Once upon a time there was a man who had headaches everyday, and even into the night into his head.  He was a nervous fidgety sort of man whose cheeks twitched and who possessed bloodshot eyes set deep into his head.

Sometimes you could see him, if you wanted to or if you didn’t you didn’t have to see him for no one would force you for they had no reason into his head.  He could be quite irritating for as he would be walking slowly down the street all of a sudden he would scream down the sidewalk into his house into his head.

This rather curious scene became a regular event whereupon the mayor issued an executive order charging admission as the man would scream into his abode into his head.  This generated city funds to go into the treasury into his head.

Well, it came about that the screaming man with the headaches became scarce and didn’t show for his daily stroll that was to take place into the street into his head.

So, as a cat, who would eat a raw rat who would in turn eat a raw man, city officials formed a committee to look into the matter into his head.

After days of meetings, the committee members climbed into their limousine and went to the screaming man’s house and walked onto his porch into his head.  They knocked on the door, but there was no answer from inside his house into his head.  So, as any fool would not do, they opened the door and walked into his house into his head.

To the committee’s surprise and shock, there lay a pile of brains and blood upon the rug into his head.  Blood was even splattered on his dead dog whose brains oozed out of its skull into his head.  In the man’s hand there be a hammer in two pieces into his head.  Along with his dog’s head, he had beat his brains outside his skull with his little hammer into his head.  Peace at last into his head.

That evening the city council held a meeting and bestowed the “Man of the Year” award on our hero for beating his brains into his head.  That just goes to show you one thing.

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