Three Pop Singles to Close Out Your Summer

Radclyffe Hall “OMG”

radclyffe hallTrue to its title, this song is unbelievable, awesome. Using dark synthesizers and a deep bass, “OMG” by Radclyffe Hall is a surreal exposition of an equally unbelievable situation for Dhy Berry, the band member behind the vocals and synth for this song: “it’s about my friend who passed away in March. I was one of the three people who was there. And all you could think is ‘OMG.’ It’s kinda crazy something beautiful could come out of something so tragic.” But in a beautiful maturity she adds, “You can relate to anything, rock or any type of form. [“OMG”] can be any type of interpretation you want.” And truly this song is a testament to that indescribable, all-encompassing dark mood everyone encounters at some point, albeit though for a variety of reasons. With a music video recently released, Radclyffe Hall excitedly share that it elaborates upon that dream-like state with it being shot all on a Go-Pro in hyper exposure and black and white; “things are happening really slow or really fast, like life.”

Looking toward their origins, Dhy Berry explains that the stage name is a nod to academia: “Radclyffe Hall is a victorian author, I really liked her writing, and I’m also really academic. I’m in grad school now studying library science and technology in Boston.” Her individual influences also reveal their fresh and unusual climate for sonic exploration with interests in “Solange and Meshell Ndegeocello, and a recent passion for St. Lucia.” Dhy Berry explains, “[Knowles and Ndegeocello] are black women who don’t have the typical sultry black voice,” much like, she offers, how she sees herself: “it’s a really eclectic style and we wanted to show that.” And to that promise, Radclyffe Hall is altogether truly refreshing — in style and sound. As a final thought, or maybe even advice, she concludes, “Our hopes, dreams and aspirations are under arrest. Resist.”

You can find more about the stimulating electro-pop band Radclyffe Hall here or you can attend their upcoming show at Great Scott in Allston, MA on September 28.