Three Pop Singles to Close Out Your Summer

Polarheart “Paralyse”

Australian electro-pop duo Polarheart’s new single “Paralyse” silkily, and bittersweetly pulls you into a daze, a state of being “emotionally numb, and unable to move on.” Softly layered with pop beats, a smooth range of electric accents, and slightly distorted vocals, “Paralyse” is a quiet, reflective soundscape perfect for late night studying, and long, lonely walks or bus rides; it’s quite simply, a song of isolation. Keeping to that feeling, Polarheart recently worked with Alexander Leeway to create a music video which had “rather than a set narrative, … [an] abstract cinematography to match the sound and lyrics of the song.”

In a single word, Polarheart describes themselves as “space,” which I agree is an apt description for a band that beautifully composes with an ear to the artistic concept of negative space. Meeting in late 2012, the duo did not truly come together until a year later, when, they explain, they finally had enough time to excessively write and jam. Eventually, as they mutually influenced each other over the next couple of months, they decided upon Polarheart by a game of word association; “[they] agreed it said heaps about what [they] were writing about.” Outside of each other’s influences, they rely on “anything from classical to top 40” and utilize their life experiences to form their lyrical style. More specifically though, they lend their stylistic ear to Enya, Sigur Ros, Aluna George and Lorde.

In their spare time the two bandmates share a passion for a tea, citing that, “the flavor variants fascinate [them].” If their music stimulated you as much as it did me, you can check out more from them here. As a final thought, they express their sincere hope that more people support Australian music for there are truly so many artists out there to listen to.