Three Pop Singles to Close Out Your Summer

Duina Del Mar “Como La Bailas Tu”

Fun and flirty, this new dance-inspiring single titled “Como La Bailas Tu” comes from the Colombian singer Duina Del Mar. True to its point, Duina admits that she is not very good with words, but loves to dance, and as such, has made this song as an encouragement to express her body language and inspire us to do the same. And despite her modesty for words, this song amazingly began as how we hear it today; she offers thoughtfully that, “when you open the door, the inspiration can come at any time.” With as much fun as the song, Duina has recently shared her music video, adding that it was an amazing experience, for they set the main goal as to just have fun; to just give movement to the song.

Explaining the inspiration behind her song, Duina del Mar shares that there is no limit from which she pulls her influences: from a variety of traditional latino music, to calypso, and even Brazilian music. She adds, and quite encouragingly, that it is important to have an interaction with as much music as possible, to dance to as much as possible. And for someone who easily expresses that interaction through dance and electrifying music, it comes as no surprise that music had always been the plan; she admits she “breathe[s] music [and] couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” She again offers thoughtfully, “you have to fight and keep dreaming… the future is not supposed”

If you want to dance with Duina as much as I do you can find when her next shows are here.