Remains of Peace



All my dreams lie in the sky,
and all the peace of mind around me
explodes in the night
as the sands of Time slip
from the shattered hourglass.

War stole away innocence,
and blood poured from our hearts.
Help us, God,
I beg of you.
We’re dying here!

Ashes of a flag
held by buried soldiers
as we try not to breathe in the air
that will choke us
with its poisonous fingers,
and I’m crying now
for our people
because this could be the end…

We have come a long way
over buried soldiers and compromises,
and our veterans know the true horrors of war.
We didn’t need to fight again,
but our hand was forced.

Now, we stand on the edge
and wait to see how Time will change
the world we live in,
and hopefully when it’s over,
we can go back to our lives
and dream our dreams.



Melissa R. Mendelson is a published author and poet with publications both online and in print.  She is also a New York State Employee.  She has three books out on Amazon and Amazon Kindle that range from Supernatural to Horror to Science-Fiction.

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