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Image credit: Rachel Shannon
Image credit: Rachel Shannon

This used to be the place

you would take me when

life seemed small

Life always seemed better

with you in it, you were an

angel who filled the earth

I was no angel; there were plenty

of sullen moments, but your memory

slides them aside, replaces them

with golden orb images of me

When I dream of you, I always

dream of you as an infant,

you are never a grown man

Yet here I am an adult figure

stretching his legs, a splash of gray

here and there, yet you do not see me

I see you, but that is the miracle

and virtue of my memory;

it floods with forgiveness, looks

past reason, and is resolute.


JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His writing has appeared in a number of journal publications, including Eye On Life Magazine, The Commonline Journal, and The Literary Yard.

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