Why the Short Film Menschen Is Important


The short film Menschen carries its weight as a period piece that involves relevant themes loaded from the past. I don’t have to tell you that film as an art-form has the power to impact both the life of an individual and influence or reflect societal values and norms. With this power in mind, Menschen is important because of how it relates to our modern world.


Buzzing for The Honeyrunners’ EP II


Toronto-based rock band The Honeyrunners ha­­s just released EP II, and it is the definitely worth a listen. The group has undeniable Motown influences, and paired with the rock and roll riffs and sincere vocals, the EP is a source of auditory delight. One word comes to mind when I listen to this EP – warm. These five songs are a splash of whiskey on the tongue, the heat of a bonfire on a brisk autumn night. The warmth emanating from this EP is no doubt a result of its bluesy, old school vibe, evoking a sense of the past while maintaining modern energy and addictive hooks. You can get up and dance or you can throw back a drink with your buddies, but this EP needs to be playing in the background.


The Giver and the Rise of the Dystopian Film Genre After 9/11


In the 2000s, more than 30 dystopian films were made in the U.S.: that’s double the number of dystopian films made in the 1990s. More than 20 dystopian films have already been made just five years into the 2010s. The Giver recently joined that ever-growing list. The dystopian film genre has been sustained in the past decade not only because it offers an action-packed narrative for children and adults alike but also because it makes viewers question government control in the post 9/11 world.


“Everywhere I Go”: the New Punk Anthem

New Politics_Fotor

New Politics are making headlines! Following the success of their singles “Harlem” and “Tonight You’re Perfect,” the trio has recently announced their partnership with DCD2 and Warner Bros., Records, which will house their third full-length album, Vikings. While fans will have to wait until early 2015 for the album’s release, they can enjoy the album’s newly released single right now. “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens),” has been climbing the charts and feeling the love from listeners all across the country.


The Misfit Christian


Carolyn Henderson has published in book form a series of almost 50 short think pieces, laced with humor, irreverent insight, exasperation, spirituality and hope, often uniquely from a woman’s perspective. She seeks to explore how one can be a 21st century Christian, avoid hypocrisy and instead be an independent thinker, all while operating outside of the structure and culture of institutional churches. She writes “for the misnamed misfits of the Christian world, the independent thinkers who question what they hear, and don’t want to do everything that they are told.” To this end she divides her book into seven loosely associated sections which contain provocative independent essays found within the general topic.


Kalen and the Sky Thieves Soar with “Island”


Describing themselves as “moody rock,” upcoming band Kalen and the Sky Thieves unveil “Island”, a single that expresses a soulfulness, and maturity that has been missing from the genre for some time. “Island” is a soft but powerful ballad about a relationship affected by one half’s inability to overcome their emotional hesitancy and insecurities. It specifically resonates though, through its honesty in both lyrics and execution. Moving through different tides of such a relationship, Kalen croons for a connection and hopes for the other’s potential growth, but eventually, she accepts the “salvation in letting go.”


From ‘Us’ to ‘Me’: A Look at Wong Fu Productions’ Latest Short Film

after us

Known for their focus on the male perspective, Wong Fu Production’s newest short film, “After Us” takes viewers into the mind of a female protagonist communicating with herself in order to show audiences how to recover from the hurt and pain of a shattered romantic relationship through self-discovery that anyone, male or female, can empathize with and apply to any situation.


Treat Your”sElf” to Another Awesome Cat Video


Fun, catchy, and immediately lovable,“Runaway” — the new single from sElf’s first album since 2005’s Porno, Mint and Grime — reminds us of everything we loved about alternative music of the 90s, combined with the electro-pop and cat-featured fun we love about today. Unforgettable in sound, content and the cute cat-focused direction of the music video, “Runaway” could swiftly become an internet sensation.