Get to Know the Artist: Thousand Days

Not a lot of our featured artists can say that they have their own Wikipedia page, but Pardis Sabeti can. Pardis is a “world-renowned evolutionary geneticist” who teaches at Harvard University. 2014 was a big year for her—she was named one of TIME Magazine’s people of the year for her work with the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Pardis is hoping 2015 will be a big year for her alterative rock band, Thousand Days. As front woman for the Boston trio, Pardis wrote about her experience with the virus and the people affected by it in “One Truth.” Yesterday, Pardis, guitarist Bob Katsiaficas, and drummer Matt Hayden released their latest album, Turkana Boy. We caught up with Pardis and Bob before the album release. Check out their first single from the album, “Shallow” here and continue reading to see what advice the two of them have for aspiring doctors and musicians.


Get to Know the Artist: Nita Chawla

This week’s featured artist is local adult contemporary artist, Nita Chawla, a native of Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is on the borderline of both the North and the South and urban and suburban, prompting Chawla to describe herself as “an urban girl with a Southern heart.” This dichotomy has transferred to her music, “Sometimes I want to write a dance track with a solid beat and a pop sound, and sometimes it’s acoustic and soulful.” Take a listen to one of her more acoustic and soulful tracks here and see if you can separate Chawla’s two sides in her upcoming sophomore EP, Grace, out soon. Continue reading to hear what Chawla has to say about comparisons to Lana del Ray and more!


Get to Know the Artist: Ryan Hobler

This week’s featured artist is Ryan Hobler. In one of the more entertaining interviews we have done with an artist, Hobler refuses to characterize his music into a stock genre. “Ultimately, I just want to be categorized under ‘Good Music,’” Hobler said. “If you’re the type of person who knows how to relish in a quiet moment of a crazy day, or if you’re the type of person who wants to know how to relish in a quiet moment of a crazy day, then you should definitely check out my music.” If you’re that type of person, then check out Hobler’s latest single “The Day We Last Spoke” from his latest album The Elusive Yes and continue reading to learn more about an artist who exemplifies Gadfly’s mission by encouraging listeners to think “critically about themselves and the world around them.”


Get to Know the Artist: Husband

Meet Michael Paolino aka Husband, a rock-n-roll artist from down under. Paolino has been entertaining his whole life but just recently released his debut album, The Money, on January 23. For Paolino, music is a way for him to challenge society’s norms—“I think our environment and culture is becoming increasingly unnatural,” Paolino said. “Music is my way of sharing my frustrations and wonderment about the world around me.”


Get to Know the Artist: Lux

Today’s artist is Robert Lux, a DJ, producer, and songwriter currently based in Brooklyn, New York. With a trio of titles under his belt, Lux has the opportunity to get involved with music on multiple levels, allowing for maximum creativity. On his most recent EP, Lux oversaw the writing, mixing, and artwork of the project. The EP also features several collaborations with other artists, drawing on various styles and fusing them with his own, seamlessly creating one fluid product.


Get to Know the Artist: Jackie Venson

Want your music with a dose of take-charge attitude? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you listen to Jackie Venson, blues rocker with Texas roots. Jackie has an abundance of musical talent under her belt with seventeen years of piano playing, eight years of songwriting, and four years of guitar strumming. Jackie even attended Berklee College of Music, polishing her technical skills even further. So with all that training and musical emersion, what’s an artist to do? Shake things up with personality and attitude.


Get to Know the Artist: Shilpa Narayan

Today’s featured artist is Shilpa Narayan, a soul-pop artist based in New York City. Shilpa’s musical career originated on YouTube when she sat down with an acoustic guitar and wowed listeners with covers of popular hits, ranging from Rihanna’s “Rehab” to Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight.” These videos showcased Shilpa’s natural, unmediated vocal talent, and as her fan base grew it was only a matter of time before her music moved beyond covers and towards original content.


Get to Know the Artist: Sunshine Riot

This week’s featured artist is rock and roll band, Sunshine Riot, composed of singer/guitarist Jonny Orton, bassist Jeff Sullivan, lead guitarist Mark Tereault, and drummer Chris Alvardo. In an age where electronic-pop has emerged, Sunshine Riot’s music embodies classic rock and roll. The band also enjoys living the rock and roll life from the “shitty motel rooms” to meals at gas stations. Their sophomore album, Black Coffee Sigh, will be released on January 13. Check out “This Is A Raid,” a song from the album here and continue reading to learn more about Sunshine Riot!


Get to Know the Artist: Kai Altair

Atmospheric electronic rock artist Kai Altair offers an insightful opinion in her interview with Gadfly Online: “All genres of music are beginning to fuse as the world comes together in global connection. The music I am creating is a product of a planet in communication.” In addition to creating a product of planet in communication, Altair wants her music to “communicate that which cannot be spoken in words alone.” Her new album, Dreamwalker, is set for release in February of 2015. The album “explores themes like lucid dreaming, time travel, metamorphosis, and sacred bliss all with the goal of conjuring alternate realities and transporting audiences to a dreamlike place.” Continue reading to gain some more insight on Altair’s philosophies and beliefs and take a listen to one of her latest singles, “Shadows Dance,” here.


Get to Know the Artist: Michael Persall

Michael Persall is finally following his dream of making of music for a living after realizing just how delicate life could be when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer his senior year of high school. He has an EP out right now titled This and That, but this is not his first attempt of following his dream. While publicized as his debut EP, This and That is actually his second EP. “I removed the first one from the Internet because well, it just wasn’t good at all,” Persall said. In am industry-dominated world, not many artists would dare doing what Persall did for the sake of excellence. Continue reading to learn what else Persall does in order to create quality music and check out one of his singles from This and That, “Twice.”