The Year of The Robot in Cinema: 2015 Takes Us Back to Technophobia

For years we’ve seen films with plots concerning alien invasions or robots out for revenge on the people of Earth. In these stories, Hollywood reflects our fears associated with the overreach and unpredictable side of technology. But why are we so afraid of something we created ourselves? Viewing the social timeline of these anxieties from Hollywood’s perspective, we can see not only the evolution of society’s technophobia, but the driving forces behind our fears of mechanical mayhem.


Yet I Climb

Montel Cunningham is a true Harlem knight raised in the 1970s. He’s aspiring to become a musician but his past is troubled with nothing but violence, hate, pain, fear and low self-esteem. He also has a strong dislike for the man that taught him his talents, his father. His love for his mother is strong but he knows that she is still adjusting from her break down. Just when he feels like nothing else is working, he turns to his grandmother for help and guidance, but he doesn’t listen. He is trying to control his bottled up anger. One day a bad choice puts him in prison with all hope being lost. He was given 25 years in anticipation to change his thinking. Montel sees no hope in ever seeing his grandma, mother, wife and daughter again!


Get to Know the Artist: Language of Shapes

Earlier this month, Gadfly Online was lucky enough to talk to all four members of the Korean-based “psych-fi sci-folk” band, Language of Shapes, composed of four expat English teachers, Tristram Burden (vocals, mandolin, French horn), J.E. Seuk (vocals, mandolin, flute), Courtland Miles (bass), and Bobby Goldberg (djembe), who even challenged us to characterize their music after we posed that question to them.


Sombrero Loco

SANTA BARBARA, California (AP) Students here are still in shock the day after a shooting rampage by one of their own left three dead and two gravely injured, one of whom was just taken off life-support by their relatives because they are Christian Scientists, though a nurse at the hospital plugged the life support machine back in while the parents weren’t looking. The patient remains stable but whether she will ever wake up is currently unknown.

“I’d put that at an unlikely,” said the Chief Bullet Removal Surgeon at Our Lady of the Drive By.

The suspect is thought to be dead after 100 state troopers witnessed the car he was alleged to have been driving flying off what a spokesman described as a “200-foot” cliff and into the Pacific Ocean.


The World Is Not Black and White

The roads were quiet. Even the cars were afraid to make noise. The windows were tinted. Nobody wanted to know nobody. They just drove on, hoping to get from A to B. Only a few like me refused to disappear and walk these broken streets.

The billboards were washed white. Strangers walked by in a hurry. Black hoodies covered their faces. Hands shoved into pockets. Warning glances daggered out. Stay Away. Nobody wanted to know nobody, and I avoided eye contact. Unlike them, my face was not covered.


The Parachute Kids

Bright sunlight penetrated my eyes. The bed felt familiar underneath me. The room looked familiar. It took me a long moment to realize that I was back home. I had no memory of where I was before or how I had even arrived here, but I felt safe. Something inside whispered that was all I needed to know. For now.

The house was quiet. As usual, the stairs creaked as I walked down them. More sunlight. A smell of breakfast rumbled my stomach, but they had already eaten. They did not wait for me. Did they not want to wake me?


The Fung Brothers and Post-Racialism

The Fung Brothers Comedy make a lot of Youtube videos with an Asian-related topic told from a strictly Asian point-of-view. In a recent video, the Fung Brothers explain why: The Fung Brothers make so many “Asian” videos because according to them, no one else is going to start the conversation surrounding issues in the Asian American community (e.g. invisibility in mainstream American culture).


Get to Know the Artist: Canopy Climbers

Get ready to get up and dance with this band! Canopy Climbers is a unique combination of sound, described by some as alt-pop-rock. You could also simply describe Canopy Climbers as fun to listen to! These guys are bringing a fresh new sound to the music scene, utilizing electric beats and sweet synth. While their upbeat pop sound may remind you of 80s hits, they constantly respond to and engage with modern influences, proving that they are an adaptable, dynamic band. Canopy Climbers just released the single “Potion” from their upcoming EP Fever, and are working to release a music video. Until then, get to know the band a bit better with a Gadfly exclusive interview.


Sonnet Mondal: A Poet Of Versatile Talent

Sonnet Mondal is a fresh and multitalented versatile Indian English poet whose poetry deals with various aspects of life. Literature is the manifestation of socio-historical pressures; Sonnet Mondal believes that poetry should function as the incitement for rebellion. Poetry must be useful, must serve the lumpy points of common sense. The poetry should reach to common man with simple and lucid way of representation.